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Social Sense and Sensibility is a video series I have embarked on with Forbes.   This is a new video series that I have begun with Forbes. I have long wanted a larger forum to discuss the issue of social media etiquette. While the term “etiquette” often conjures an image of how to behave like an 19th century Englishman at the table, proper etiquette is a critical component of being successful on the social web.

Why? Because like any social system, the web is held together by an unwritten set of norms that govern behavior. Blogs, social networks, Twitter etc. have behavioral norms that a company trespasses at its peril (think of Walmart’s fake blog or all the consternation over astroturfing using these tools).

I will be answering questions submitted directly to me via twitter (@jmichele), this blog, or email (josh at jmicheleross.com)

Directory of Topics:

  • How to manage revenue goals against just “being useful” on Twitter
  • Should employers encourage employees to use Twitter? http://www.opposableplanets.com/video/2009/09/to-tweet-or-not-to-tweet-handling-employee-use-of-social-technologies/
  • How to balance personal and professional on Twitter http://www.opposableplanets.com/social-media-etiquette/2009/09/how-to-balance-personal-and-professional-on-twitter/
  • Should You Use Facebook to Post Work Related Requests http://www.opposableplanets.com/social-media/2009/09/social-sense-and-sensibility-post-work-requests-to-facebook/
  • Maximizing Privacy While Minimizing Offense on Facebook http://www.opposableplanets.com/social-media/2009/10/maximizing-privacy-while-minimizing-offense-on-facebook/

If you have questions send them to: