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The Rise of the Social Nervous System –
March 15, 2009 – 3:23 pm | 3 Comments

I recently published this article in Forbes.  It has generated a lot of commentary on the Internet – so I thought I would cross-post it here.   Also see Tim O’Reilly’s great response here.
No corner of …

Kindle 2 and the Future of Publishing
March 8, 2009 – 1:23 pm | No Comment

I just appeared on an NBC affiliate in San Jose along with Guy Kawasaki and Dave McClure.   The Green Room and studio experience with those two was worth the price of admission.   The cameras …

Interview with Charlene Li – The State of Social Technologies in 2009
March 7, 2009 – 7:45 pm | No Comment

The last time I saw Charlene Li was in the speaker’s lounge of the Web 2.0 conference. It was March 2008 and her defining book on social technologies, Groundswell, (co-authored with Josh Bernoff) was just being released. There have been tectonic shifts in our economy (and Charlene has moved from Forrester to found the Altimeter group) since then so I wanted to get her sense of the state of social media today.

Case Study – Stimuluswatch.org
March 2, 2009 – 5:47 pm | 2 Comments

Stimuluswatch.org allows citizens to see local government requests for stimulus-spending projects, add details, vote projects up or down and generally discuss the merit of each.  It is a great example of how the Internet lowers …